Our Process

Every order that we handle is backed by our 100% Satisfaction Assured Guarantee.

Every project begins with a thorough review of your requirements and drawings. Whether we meet in person, or via fax, phone, or e-mail, you are guaranteed a next-business-day written estimate which includes detailed costs for a professional solution that meets your needs and your budget.

Once we receive your authorization to proceed we source only the highest grade raw material—ultra-pure, semiconductor-grade quartz—which is hand inspected to ensure that it meet our uncompromising quality standards.

We then process the material through our proprietary equipment for rough and fine cutting before applying the surface finish to exact tolerances. Aside from the coating process, all phases of the manufacturing process are completed at our Springboro, Ohio location.

The finished product passes through our QA Department where it is scrutinized by our multi-point hand-inspection process. Only 100% defect-free products make it to our shipping department where they are hand packed and shipped to your door.

Size Capabilities

• (9) High-Speed Polishing Spindles
• (3) High-Speed Fine Grinding Lappers
• (6) Blanchard Grinders— Ranging from 16”-42” Diameter Tables
• (5) Computer-Controlled Diamond Band Saws
• (8) CNC Milling Centers— Maximum Tables Size 26”x36”
• (2) Cad-Cam WaterjetsSawing— Maximum Tables Size 26”x52”
• (3) O.D. Grinders—Maximum Diameter 30”

All of our machines are diamond equipped except polishers and fine grinders.

Common Materials Used

• Various Grades of Fused Quartz
• Fused Silica
• Borosilicate
• Opaque Quartz
• Soda Lime Glass
• Furnace Blue Glass

Technical information is available for all materials.

Machined Glass Specialists is a true custom fabricator of quartz, silica, and borosilicate. We've been machining since 1989.

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